Company Profile

“We put the pieces of the puzzle together for our clients, and help them see the world whole.”

One of life’s great anxieties can be a blank computer screen – particularly when there’s a speech to be written, an article to be drafted, or a critical issue to be analyzed. Whatever the assignment, it’s destined to require a considerable investment of time – time that many people don’t have.

Putting the Pieces Together

Geonomica works with our clients to draft the content needed to complete their assignments – saving them from the tyranny of a blank computer screen. But we frequently do much more than that. Much of our work amounts to taking scraps of information – the loose equivalent of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – and making them all fit together. Some of our clients have all of the pieces of the puzzle and just want them organized to produce eloquence. More frequently, our clients need help finding the pieces of the puzzle they want to include – so we work with what they provide us, while also introducing them to ideas, academic research, or historical precedents that will help to bolster their public profile as thought leaders.

Our Experience

Our work is informed by extensive experience working for top-tier magazines and newspapers, and for the leaders of U.S. government departments overseeing financial markets, national security, and global trade in goods and services. This experience fosters an interdisciplinary perspective focused on how global integration and interconnectivity create new challenges, as well as new opportunities.

Our Clients

Past and present clients span a number of industries, and include some of the world’s most respected entities in investment banking, the hedge fund industry, private equity, management consulting, financial regulation, accounting, technology, and the philanthropic sector.